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LMH is a leader and pace setter in the private health insurance market in Ghana. In the last few years, the operations of LMH have witnessed a significant improvement and this has.... Read more

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company in the provision of Private Mutual Health Insurance services in Ghana, LMH has a responsibility to act as a good corporate citizen ...Read more
  • Are you looking for a new medical center your family and kids? We would love to know more about you and your family, please contact us today.
  • Look for us! We have commited staff for your convenience. We are located at: Chez Julie Plaza,30 Paa Grant Street, Community 10, Tema Ghana.


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Liberty Mutual Health (LMHSL) is a not-for-profit Private Mutual Health Insurance Company established in 2008 to support the government’s vision of providing affordable, accessible and quality healthcare to the citizenry. LMH is licensed by the National Health Insurance Act 852 (2012); and authorized to undertake
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Health Plans

Explore our many options for families and kids
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Our health plans and services are specially tailored to the needs of the modern Ghanaian who values the comfort of life without having to care about unforeseen contingencies. While you improve on your lifestyle, we take care of those moments when you need help the most.
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Membership Registration

Membership is open to persons, families etc.
Membership Registration

Membership is open to persons, corporate bodies, organizations or any group of people. It is also open to dependants of the individual applying for membership.
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“My children's health is prime to me, so I was advised to hook them up on the Liberty Mutual Health health schemes, so that when I had to travel, I could be sure they would have good health care in my absence.”